Aligning The Portfolio To Your Objectives

Meeting Objectives

A process to meet your fixed income investment objectives

Discuss needs, goals and risk tolerance (interest rates, credit, income and capital needs)
Evaluate Risk
Review and outline imbedded risks and objectives in current portfolio
Analyze effects of including one or both of the One Oak portfolios with current holdings
Review Objectives
Compare to investor objectives: risk-adjusted return, income or a combination
Determine structure of a One Oak solution: Fund or separate account, as appropriate
Allocate Your Portfolio
One Oak has a solution that may fit your objectives

Portfolio Review

Given the historically low interest rates combined with the uncertainty around interest rates and credit concerns, many investors have expressed an interest in a second opinion on their fixed income portfolios. For those investors seeking a second opinion, One Oak has begun offering investors a complimentary fixed income portfolio review that will assess a portfolio’s current sensitivity to both interest rate and credit risks.

Our assessment will look at your fixed income holdings from an overall portfolio standpoint while taking into consideration profit and loss opportunities, current relative values, and interest rate risk. We will offer you our view and thoughts regarding potential actions. Investors should always seek the counsel of their tax advisory prior to taking action.

If you are interested in pursuing this for your portfolio, please complete the information below and enter “Second Opinion” in the subject. We will follow up with you shortly thereafter.

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